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The non-vacation, vacation

posted by Kelly

We planned for months, saved, looked forward to 5 days of R & R….and it came. Boy did it come. In all it’s vengeance, not glory. Maybe we should have heeded the warning signs like Ryan getting scheduled to have all four wisdom teeth out the day before we left. The fact it took over a day of laundry and packing just to get out the door packed to the gills with food, toys, clothes, and supplies. You just can’t imagine what a baby and toddler need in a week!

Needless to say, despite our children being sick the whole time, not much sleep, Ryan’s face swollen to kingdom come and the threat of rain each day. We did get to the beach a few times and the pool each day. We watched lots of TV, read, and ate cookie dough and ice cream until we were sick.

I do realize that a vacation is where you get to do whatever you want and as long as their are children involved, you do whatever they want! So you have to rearrange your expectations and just take it for what it is. We weren’t in Lynchburg for five days. We didn’t have internet for five days, we didn’t edit pictures, answer emails, or take phone calls for five days…and that is good for the soul!

So here are some moments from our trip. Simple moments of family time. It is fun to watch your children experience things that you normally take for granted. The joy of playing in sand, watching the waves, jumping in and out of a pool. I love my kids, they are so awesome, SO AWESOME!

Chloe’s first view of the ocean. She gave it a C-…I think the noise and vastness overwhelmed her two year old mind.

Pretty much how she felt about the ocean...not interested.

Doing the funky chicken

Doing the funky chicken

Bennett’s first time in the ocean

first time in the ocean

Big shoes/feet to fill

Big shoes (feet) to fill

me and my boy

Mommy and Bennett

She loved playing in the sand until she realized you had to go into the water to rinse off…not so happy then.

Myrtle Beach_0120

My sweet boy

Myrtle Beach_0053

Look at that thigh chub

Myrtle Beach_0028

A little scared of the waves

Sand baby

She loved the sand

Myrtle Beach_0115-1

This is what our little sicky did while coughing up a lung. Lots of Baby Einstein!

The only time she was happy...poor little sick girl

So Ryan and I went out one night to shoot around town and spend time together. We found this really random statue place with some of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. Most of them cost over $1000! I can’t imagine dropping a grand on something like this. I have no words.

Seriously???? Who, what, when????

or these gems

There are no words.  Why are these over a $1000 each?

I wanted to buy this swing for our house. I love the color red!

I want this swing

We then took pictures of each other and the beach. Not too much else to shoot, so why not each other? He is my favorite person and I am his!

Lonely photographer

Full moon

Myrtle Beach 2008

You me, me you

You me, me you

You me, me you

Back to normalcy!

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Melany says:

September 16, 2008 at 9:31 am

I love that last photo of you. Your family holiday photos are great. Sorry the kiddos were sick but still looks like you had a good time :)

Lisa says:

September 20, 2008 at 9:52 am

I am sorry your vacation went so bad, but look on the plus got some fantastic photos and the children got to experience the ocean. And I love that red chair!

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