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Celebrating The Jo(e)s- Shenanigans, Laughter and Tomfoolery

posted by Kelly

Buckle your blogging seat belts kids…this is going to be a long one.

We can’t talk about someone we love and are related to and make it brief.

This day finally arrived.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

So I never grew up with a sister. Just one lucky brother (cough, cough)! I never knew what it would be like to argue over boys or sneak clothes out of each others closets and I guess I never will! Inheriting sisters in my adult years is like winning a relational lottery. I love my sister in laws and I am thrilled to now have Jo in my life. I feel like I have a small glimpse of what it would have been like to have a sister.

This weekend was definitely a sprint not a marathon. We had a tight schedule to keep and all of us were scattered between Maryland, DC and Northern VA. So there was lots of shuttling around town but it made for some fun moments in the car.

Friday night we arrived in time to help set up the wedding/reception site and then off to DC for a delicious rehearsal dinner, courtesy of Ryan’s parents. Moe’s Southwest Grill catered the event…..HEAVEN!!! I am fairly certain I could survive on Tex-Mex the rest of my life. I ate until I ran out of buttons to let out on my pants. When I die, embalm me with guacamole please.

The boys dressed up Joe for a night on the town. This is just a small version of payback for what Ryan had to do at his bachelor party. Let’s just say a wig, makeup, dress and large sign were involved as well as being pranced around town to busy retail stores.


The guys headed off to the DC Improv to watch Harland Williams perform and the girls had a girlie night at Joanna’s townhome.

Saturday was the big day!

I stuck with the boys due to having one vehicle. They got ready over at Joe’s apartment. Banana Republic outfitted the guys with some sweet gray pinstripe pants, argyle sweater vests and Joe’s gift to the guys were a pair of Chuck Taylors and red ties.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Joe and Joanna decided to do a private reveal before the wedding. I love this!! Ryan and I did it too and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

This is the first wedding in four years that we have just gotten to enjoy the festivities with no photography responsibilities. You will see in the next few pictures some awkward angles because I was trying to stay out of the way of my two friends and fellow AMAZING photographers, Amy Martin and Kate Headley.

The bridal party went to various locations around town strutting their stuff. I LOVE the girls dresses from Anthropologie. I could write a whole post about that store in general as it is my FAVORITE…but I digress. The teal and red theme was in full effect with the ladies ensembles!

The Jo(e)s Wedding

Dan is enjoying himself a little too much.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

LOOOOOOOOVE Joanna’s headpiece. Ladies…take note…HAWT HAWT HAWT!

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The four Portnoy brothers from left to right: Sam, Dan, Joe and Ryan.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

close up of the Chucks.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The four girls in the center at the Charron sisters: Jean, Joanna, Jill and Jen. (Ryan’s sister, Meridyth, is on the far left…she survived growing up with four brothers!)

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

A few of The Jo(e)s….I hardly got any of the two of them. Tried to stay out of the way on those shots.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The Jo(e)s Wedding

Playing around with some new actions we bought….trying to see if I like them or not…undecided.

The Jo(e)s Wedding

Ladies get ready to grab your ovaries. This is Iris, Joanna’s niece.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Seriously…isn’t she just the most adorable thing? That tutu and patent leather red Mary Janes….oh man….amazing!

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The girls all carried clusters of various white flowers.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

This is my brother in law, Pat, who we call the 5th Portnoy brother because he strongly resembles the youngest Portnoy, Sam. Of course, Ryan’s sister who married Pat hates us saying she married someone who looks like her brother…but isn’t that what family is for…to make fun of you?

Pat said he wanted to give me an honest expression of how he felt. He had been chasing their toddler around for hours and was a bit worn out.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Time for the main event.

An old music hall was converted into the ceremony and reception location. Strings of lights, paper lanterns, and paper flowers adorned every square inch of the hall. Joanna tirelessly baked enough cakes to be a centerpiece for each table in lots of yummy flavors.

The Jo(e)s Wedding

The Jo(e)s Wedding

The Jo(e)s Wedding

Hands down, Joanna’s entrance during the wedding march was the most dramatic moment ever! The song, “How He Loves Me” by Eddie Kirkland was sung by the amazingly talented, velvet voiced, Steph Modder. The music came to a crescendo half way through the song and WHAM the doors flung open and Joanna came down the aisle. There was no way you could have been in that room and not have your heart skip a beat…it was beautiful and powerful!

The Jo(e)s Wedding

They “I do’d” and then the celebration began. We chowed on some seriously amazing BBQ!!!

On to the dancing. It felt SOOOOO good to dance! We may be totally mismatched in height but we can bust a beat together. Don’t let our matching outfits and goofy grins fool you. We are two bad mamba-jambas on the dance floor.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Ryan’s brother Sam and our niece Ella

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Portnoy family sandwich.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The music stopped after about 30 minutes and friends of the Jo(e)s took the stage, “Rockseratops” ripped some amazing classic rock songs. We all stood with power fists in the air belting every nostalgic word to Journey until we were hoarse.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Joe took the mic at one point and finished off a song dedicated to his beloved.

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

Next came one of the highlights of the night. Joe and Joanna, along with about 15 other friends have been learning and practicing the routine to Beyonce’s “Put a ring on it” and performed it for us all.

For your amusement….a little sampling of the routine. (you may have to refresh the page if you don’t see a play icon on the video)

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

The Jo(e)s Wedding 3.28.09

It was a blast!!! We had so much fun celebrating another monumental family event. Joe and Joanna we love you guys so much. Thank you for allowing us to be such an important part of your engagement period. We have loved watching you grow together through the highs and lows. We count it a privilege to pray with and for you both over this last year and a half. God has truly blessed you with each other and we can’t wait to see all that He does for you as you honor him with your vows you took that day.

We love you!

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Topics about Flowers » Celebrating The Jo(e)s- Shenanigans, Laughter and Tomfoolery says:

March 31, 2009 at 12:07 pm

[…] Website Crowd placed an observative post today on Celebrating The Jo(e)s- Shenanigans, Laughter and TomfooleryHere’s a quick excerptThe girls all carried clusters of various white¬†flowers. … Strings of lights, paper lanterns, and paper flowers adorned every square inch of the […]

Rachel says:

March 31, 2009 at 3:26 pm

It looks like you had a wonderful time! I love the colors and the feel of their wedding! It looks so comfortable and inviting.

Loren says:

March 31, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Thank you so much for the gut laugh of “put a ring on it.” Ryan’s brother is such a rico suave on the dance floor!! :)

Dustin says:

March 31, 2009 at 8:40 pm

We are giving you a double dose of “No Fair” for partying so hard-core without us. It would have been so much fun meeting your family and laughing ourselves hoarse. Christy would for sure bust out the “Ugly Donkey Laugh”.

Can’t wait to talk to you guys and hear the details.

kate says:

April 1, 2009 at 4:58 am

kelly, that b&w photo of the dance is awesome!!

adam says:

April 1, 2009 at 8:08 am

I laughed out loud at the video. You guys have the most incredible family! what a fun wedding! everything was amazing.

Heather H says:

April 1, 2009 at 12:52 pm

So fun! Congrats Joe!!

LOVE the Beyonce dance!!

Candace says:

April 2, 2009 at 4:01 am

LOVE IT!! Wow, looks like you guys had so much. And Kate Headley - I love her work!! SO jelous - certainly some amazing pictures they will have between her and Amy. Blessings to your family and new family!

Hillary says:

April 2, 2009 at 5:44 pm

After watching that video for the hundredth time with my girls I noticed Ryan at the end dancing a little on stage and it was hilarious! Soooo great!

jo says:

April 2, 2009 at 9:46 pm

You guy were a blast! Thanks for the blog love, we are still glowing from how much fun that was! I’m so glad you took pictures! it’s a fun sneak peek to how it looked. Our photographers were AWESOME! Also, if anyone is ever in DC, Amanda will probably teach you the dance too, she’s the one in the red dress!

Julie Nickerson says:

April 3, 2009 at 3:58 am

I love the idea of all the bridesmaids carrying different white flowers…wish I would have thought of that idea. I love ALL WHITE flowers!

The wedding looked fun and very tasteful.

Love the guys outfits! (Ryan-you look super cute in your sweater vest.)

That picture of you is too cute!

Congrats to the Jo(e)s!

Jen Charron says:

April 3, 2009 at 6:52 am

Kelly! I love your photos. You captured the moment in pictures and words so beautifully. You brought me back to such a great weekend! No doubt about it- you and Ryan rocked the dance line. I know Jo is so looking forward to having you as a sis-in-law! Hugs! Jen

Megan says:

April 3, 2009 at 10:11 pm


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