Each year we get more and more floored by the awesome brides coming our way. We have zero complaints about 2009, but here is a little sneak peek at what we have to look forward to for 2010.

Ming is one of our August brides. She throwing one killer outdoor wedding at her parent’s BBQ restaurant in a renovated old dairy barn. Just Google Cuz’s Restuarant and you will find an insane amount of people singing their praises of being the “Best BBQ restaurant on the planet.” To say we are excited is an understatement. Ming herself is one ambitious mama. She is currently in architectural school in Boston but on the side dabbles in her baking hobby. Check out her awesome cupcake site.

As if that was not enough to seal the deal that she is a Kellan bride through and through….we get her Save the Date in the mail a few weeks ago. A DECODER SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!

Ming and Dan's Decoder Save The Date

Ming and Dan's Decoder Save the Date

Ming and Dan's Decoder Save The Date

Ming and Dan's Decoder Save The Date

Ming and Dan's Decoder Save The Date

How fun is that?

I’m also second shooting a wedding in May with the fabulous Heather España from Portland, Oregon. The wedding is in NYC for one of my new friends in the industry, headpiece guru, One Little Dove. We “met” Melanie while in NYC in November doing a headpiece/make up shoot for Ruffled blog. I am so excited about not only officially meeting Melanie and shooting with Heather…but when she emails me an inspiration board like this…

Inspiration board from one of our 2010 brides

…I know I am going to fall head over heels in love with her wedding.

So that is just a little glimpse into what we have to look forward to in 2010. It’s going to be a good year!

29 thoughts on “THIS Is Why We Are Excited About Our 2010 Brides

  1. Emory and I missed out on that “Love is in the Air” tape with airplanes….would’ve been perfect….almost 12 years ago. Love the candles in the old lanterns and glass!

  2. Cuz’s?! No way. I just drove by there last weekend if it’s the one in SW VA near Pounding Mill. The bldg is hard to miss. ;)

    Most of my dad’s side of the family settled in that area (down the road in Burke’s Garden) and we spent every summer there in our younger years. You & Ry are welcome to stay at our cottage in BG if interested.

  3. I’m sure these weddings are going to be fantastic…but I’d just like a dozen of those blueberry cupcakes with maple butter frosting, please!! Oh my sweet tooth!!

  4. I love the save the date invitation. I’d love to make one for my daughters scavenger hunt party for 12 yr old girls. Would you be so kind to share how or where I can order buy or get a PDF for these invites? I appreciate it! Great idea!!! Thank you-R

  5. Hi I’m Skylar and my sweet 16 is coming up this April. I became very found of your save the date idea with the 3D glasses by any chance would you able to have it say like skylars sweet 16 in the front rather then save the date? Okay thanks so much.

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