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Brooke and Craig ~ Married

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I am totally outing myself on my age on this post. I have literally been out of high school as long as I was in high school this year. Yup 18 + 18 = 36. I have to remind myself when I left upstate NY in 1994 everyone from high school went on with their lives and got older just like me. Seeing as I have hardly seen anyone from high school since I left, everybody is sort of frozen in their mid-90’s looks in my minds eye. This is sad because the mid nineties were pretty unflattering for style. I, myself, sported 4-5 inch high hair radius…ALL THE WAY AROUND MY HEAD. I was untouchable when given a can of AquaNet, a comb and a blow dryer. There was one girl in my class that did this AMAZING permed, waterfall bang look that I just couldn’t mimic if I tried. I loved her hair but could never get her “natural” permed, teased look. Haha…oh the oxymorons there. That girl was Brooke Tolone. Thanks to good ole Facebook I have loosely reconnected to quite a few people from high school. It’s been fun seeing them as adults, parents, world travelers, etc. When Brooke emailed us about a year and a half ago to say she and her long term love, Craig, were engaged, she wanted to fly us up to Syracuse to capture their big day…I was pumped! Upstate New York….here we come.

I’ve sinced lowered my hair radius to about an inch, gained some mom curves but way more style than my mid 90’s self. I was excited to SEE Brooke and meet the adult version of her. I was not disappointed. She is SOOOOO nice. She even called me “sweetie” most of the weekend…haha! No seriously, she was so hospitable and kind I found myself just smiling in her presence. Craig is somewhat reserved but has a great dry wit about him and equally matches Brooke’s kindness. We had not spoken a word to one another until Ryan and I walked into the rehearsal dinner just a little over 18 years to the day after I graduated high school. Pretty wild. There was one more fellow B’ville alum smiling at me from an adjacent table…Kevin Rode. I wouldn’t call it a class reunion but it was pretty nostalgic nonetheless.
When Brooke first told us that their wedding was going to be at Turning Stone Casino and Resort I couldn’t picture anything but what I remembered from the 90’s and it was the poor-man’s version of Vegas. Well…what time and expansion has done to this place, for it truly was a resort! It was gorgeous and rustic with lots of natural elements and gardens. The day was absolutely PERFECT weather-wise and despite the fact I was just beginning my four week battle with severe poison ivy….we enjoyed our day tremendously!
Some of my favorite shots from the day of celebration.

It was WONDERFUL to see you again Brooke. Cheers and many blessings for a happy marriage. Look forward to seeing you at a future class reunion! Twentieth is right around the corner…yikes!

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