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Emilie and Grayson~ Married

posted by Kelly

Kindness + class + sweetness + more kindness + more class = Emilie and Grayson. Oh man guys, if only everyone could meet this couple. Talk about enjoying every millisecond with someone…this is it! From the moment we shyly met up with one another at Starbucks a couple years ago for the “get to know you” part of the booking process…we hit it off. Ryan couldn’t be at that meeting but when I got home I said “I hope they choose us, THEY ARE OUR PEOPLE!!” A dream couple to sign on for sure. From Emilie’s impeccable taste to the incredible blessing of being in the presence of their love; they are just easy to like, heck easy to love.

True to form, Emilie planned a gorgeous wedding with well thought out and executed details such as a “Doctor Your Drink” Coca Cola bar. (a nod to Emilie’s profession as an anesthesiologist.) They also ended their night by providing their guests with a “Happy Trails” bar where you could make your own trail mix! Believe me…we did! The wedding was held at Libby Hill Park in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. Hosting their reception was was the historic Main Street Station. A still functioning train station.
Emilies dress is going down in my top five dresses we have shot. It was so elegant and delicate. It had a vintage feel with a modern cut. She looked stunning. Grayson represented the south extremely well with a classy seersucker number. Cue Randy Quaid in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation “Real nice Clark, REEEEEAL nice.”
I am so happy to show off this wedding as it deserves its Kellan debut. Enjoy the beauty that is Emilie and Grayson.

Even though we had a failed attempt at getting the “LOVE” sparklers to light evenly or at all for that matter (Note Grayson’s face haha). NOTHING could be more opposite of the flame of love between Emilie and Grayson (see what I did there…oh man!) Seriously, these two are PERFECT for one another in every way shape and form. It is a privilege to be in their company and witness the love between them. Just seeing these pictures makes me sad that our season with them is over. Just remember E and G….when it comes times for kids…we are your people!!!

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Amanda says:

February 25, 2013 at 1:37 pm

OHMYGOSH I think this may be my favorite yet! Gorgeous photos, of course….but the colors! The car! The seersucker suits! ‘Staches! Guest libs! Favors! Soda! THAT GAME WE PLAYED AS KIDS used as a wedding program!

I wish Emilie and Grayson a marriage that’s as fabulous as its kickoff was! :)

friv says:

April 25, 2016 at 7:51 am

So happy, you two very nice double, wish happiness

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