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Kelly is the "Kell" in Kellan, Ryan is the "an" of Kellan. Yup folks, it's just that simple! Kelly is very short at 5'2" while Ryan is very tall at 6'6". Kelly prefers sarcasm while Ryan is a gold medalist in puns. Kelly can organize, categorize, and color code just about anything while Ryan prefers to "organically" organize his possessions. Kelly is a technology leper while Ryan has technology autism. Kelly prefers watching E News while Ryan would rather spend his time watching ESPN. Kelly could eat gourmet meals every night while Ryan prefers the more refined pallet of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and hotdogs. Kelly owns a Britney Spears CD while Ryan would rather pluck his nose hairs one by one than be caught dead with a Britney Spears CD.

As different as our perspectives can be both figuratively and literally, it is the very essence of what makes our photography tick! We see the world uniquely, the masculine and feminine, the structure and composition, the details and the big picture. We are a virtual Venn Diagram. Our differences make us unique and we overlap in the middle to produce the images that you see here. We love photography. We love being photographers together. We love laughter, romance, fashion and irony. We love our clients and consider it a supreme privilege to capture life's greatest moments as they happen.

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